What Your Membership Includes

Quarterly Meetings at different venues/restaurants, Lebanese food, a summer picnic, an Annual Christmas Party and much more.

Social Events pertinent to different groups within the club. We have events and activities for adults, children, middle and high schoolers, college students and young professionals. We have the youth groups and young professionals planning the activities they want to attend. We enjoy sporting events, museums, out of town shopping, casino trips, game nights. art and crafts, plays, festivals, charity work with an entire list of new activities each year.

Scholarships are given by the Cedar Club of Atlanta, the Southern Federation and the Cedar Club Foundation. That gives our students the opportunity to win 1, 2, or 3 scholarships for college.

Membership in the Southern Federation. Quarterly bulletins of member clubs throughout the Southeast. Scholarships available to Southern Federation members graduating High School Seniors.

Preferred Pricing at the Southern Federation Conventions (Summer and Mid-winter) where you meet other Syrian Lebanese Americans from all over the Southeast.

Specifically, for our Young Professionals... we have the Southern Federation Young Professional Group that communicate throughout the year and take a trip each year, with special pricing for this group.

Cedar Club Directory for networking among our members. The directory will have a business section for our members to advertise their businesses, hobbles or services. Ads will be FREE for members. (Private access to members only. NO Solicitation)

Option to join a group Trip to Lebanon, with exceptional accommodations, food, tours and airfare included. Priced just for our members.

Option to be a part of our charitable arm involved in Community Service to many different charities in the city. (excellent opportunities for student resumes under community service)

Join our Annual St. Jude Magic Carpet Ride Gala. where we enjoy dinner, dancing (American & Arabic), an auction, wine pull and more.

Option to be one of the hosts and planners for a Mid-Winter SFSLAC Conference in Atlanta.

If you would like to apply to become a new member, please contact the Membership Chair Cindy Abdou at:
caabdou@gmail.com Or call her at: (404) 512-8484

Share fun, food, cooking, stories and your heritage... Join us, The Cedar Club of Atlanta.