Habib Osta, President

Welcome to Cedar Club of Atlanta.

I am very proud and honored to be the president of the Club. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve our club and our community at large.

The Cedar Club of Atlanta theme this year is "Join Our Family and Become a COUSIN". In order to grow the Cedar Club, we need to grow our service, grow the impact of our projects, but most importantly, we need to grow our membership so that we can achieve more. To help sustain our efforts, the Cedar Club invites you to join our family and become a cousin. In our Lebanese history, more cousins mean a bigger family and a bigger family means more influence and continuity. Please help pledge your support and help grow the Cedar Club of Atlanta. Together, we can make a difference.

Our club is growing and we are on a mission to educate our members about different essential aspects of life. In our first general meeting, on January 26, 2020, the Club hosted an Estate Lawyer, Ms. Holly Geerdes, to speak about Estate Law. In our second general meeting, we will have another educational session that matters to the welfare of our members. More subjects concerning wealth, health, and other life issues shall be tackled in the following meetings.
In addition, our mission is to build a good Samaritan spirit in our society, to promote the heritage of our forefathers, and to be proud of our Lebanese heritage.

We have several goals to achieve this year: 

  • Recruit and attract a minimum of ten new families.
  • Provide multiple new exciting club service projects that engage all youth and young Cedar members and provide a positive impact.
  • Plan a major “Hafli” on Labor Weekend that supports and raises money.
  • Encourage members and friends to support our foundation through volunteer work.
  • Publish a Club Historical Overview Book. This project might take a couple of years and joint efforts from several historians to gather stories of the early settlers, veterans, civic engagements, history of the Club, and history of our three Churches in Atlanta.

Thank you for contributing your Time, Talent & Treasure to our mission. I truly look forward to working together this year.

An update from the President:

Cedar Club of Atlanta was honored to host the Southern Federation’s 2020 Mid-Winter Conference at Georgia Tech. Hotel and Conference Center on February 13, 14, 15 & 16. The theme was “Where our Heritage meets our Future… Come Live, Love, Laugh in Atlanta”.

Over 1,000 members and guests from several Cedar Club Chapters joined us to have a great time and enjoy many activities. Throughout Friday and Saturday, we offered several activities to our cousins and guests at different times. We had two sessions of homemade cooking classes and the participants tasted how “sittie used to cook.  Dabke lessons, the traditional dance for all ages with Lebanese music were challenging experiences for our guests. Two hours of Labanettes time, to “Know Where You are From”, was full of joy and excitement. Two hours of Sips and Strokes party and paint was a relaxing time. The Cultural Presentation and Trivia was full of knowledge and pride, where every participant received a traditional gift. In addition, to all these activities, a fun bingo game, not only kept everyone on their toes, but people got a kick out of their good or bad luck each time.

Of course, no party is complete without music, food, and drinks. On Thursday night, we welcomed our cousins and guests to a southern style Welcome Reception.

On Friday night, we had a memorable amazing Dinner Theatre Love Boat in Atlanta, followed by Live Music Hafli.

On Saturday night, An Eloquent Grand Banquet with Valentine theme was a five-star event.

We are so thankful for all the members who took the time and efforts to have a successful Conference and utilized their talents to prepare for all these activities.

Habib Osta
President 2020-2021

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Cedar Club of Atlanta Officers

  • President: Habib Osta
  • Vice-President: Paul Joseph
  • Secretary: Charlene Hiffa
  • Assistant Secretary: Cindy Abdou
  • Treasurer: Nassif Mahfoud
  • Assistant Treasurer: Kam Nassar

Cedar Club of Atlanta Board of Directors

  • Abbie Mansour,    Mary Brunner,    Louie Abdou
  • Mary Anne Shamatta,    Paul Joseph,
  • Carol Hale,    Steve Corey,    David Nasser