Cedar Club of Atlanta Picnic – July 2020

On July 12, 2020, Cedar Club of Atlanta had its yearly picnic at the Azalea Park in Roswell with many precautions taken to ensure the safety and health of our members. The speaker of the event was Mr. Wallace Nichols, JD, MBA, a wealth advisor and Estate Planning expert, who tackled on very important subjects:

• Why now may be the perfect time to do a Roth Conversion
• What the COVID-19 stimulus bill means for the future of tax rates
• How to retire in a post COVID-19 world
• How to protect your portfolio from the impact of dramatic market downturns

After the presentation, Habib Osta, the President of the Club, handed several scholarships from Cedar Club of Atlanta and the Southern Federation to two high school graduates: Christa Brunner and Tia Tanory, who succeeded at school with high grades, outstanding SAT/ACT scores, social activities and community services.

Mr. Pete Mondalek and Dr. Al Johary handed Christa Brunner the Cedar Club Foundation Scholarship which is offered yearly by Mr. Tony Ayoub

The Cedar Club of Atlanta, throughout its existence, believes in promoting education to have a better society and helping the community at large. Furthermore, the Cedar Club firmly believes that scholarships teach philanthropy. By being the student recipient of a scholarship, it is hoped that the students will become philanthropic themselves and give back to their communities when they are financially able.

After the scholarships, Mr. Osta and Ms. Jocelyne Nassar, the Membership Committee Chair, welcomed six new family members and were greeted enthusiastically.